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U.S.C. 2257

Statement AVDELUXE.com 18 USC 2257 and in full compliance with regulations issued thereunder.

Appear in the actual visual depiction of erotic behavior displayed (that term is defined in 18 USC 2256) or all of the models contained in this website were at least eighteen years of age, in the description of the establishment of such a time. All other visual depiction shows from 18 USC 2257 Record on this site restrictions retention requirements, because these visual description does not include "sex acts" in the description of 18 USC 2256 definition or description of simulated sex, or otherwise exemption, because visual depiction of the former July 3, 1995 was created.

The website owners and operators are not primary producers (the term in 28 CFR 75.1 (C) (2) definition) are included in any of the visual content on this site. However, recognizing the importance to prevent minors from appearing on the site in AVDELUXE.com, AVDELUXE.com not just rely on others set forth in the 2257 18 USC, and therefore may have a copy of the record of these people age depicted on this website any pornographic material.

AVDELUXE.com these records will not be released to any other the United States, the Attorney General or his designated representative, or operate in accordance with other legal requirements. Obligations specified in the completion of 18 USC 2257, in plain language of the statute and AVDELUXE.com relying on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Sundance Associates, Inc. v. Reynolds, the 139 F reasoned decision .3D 804 , 808 (10th Cir 1998), which considered the "hiring, contracting, management or otherwise arrange participation" model or performer has no effect, the entity is exempt from the requirements of accounting 18 USC 2257.


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